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Paul Colacicco

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Restoring The Salton Sea

Inspired by the potential for this massively beautiful body of water. In the beginning of its restoration.

Oil on stretched canvas 48x60


Supporting Barbie Boy

Inspired from watching a little boy playing with a barbie doll dressed in pink pants, in Downtown Palm Springs. The best part, his mother was having a ball with him. Just awesome.

Oil 48x60"



Ins and Outs of the Salton Sea

Inspired by the early stages of restoration of the Salton sea

Oil on three canvas 10x10x1-1/2"



Palm Springs, Red Hot Cool

Inspired by 117 degree temperatures on a flight over palm springs. The juxtaposition of red and orange colors and the blues of countless swimming pools, was quite a site.

Oil on canvas board 18x24"



Paul Colacicco Art

The Glorious 60's

Inspired by a in disrepair 1960's pink kitchen in Nebraska.

Oil  on canvas board 18x24"


16P-147            SOLD

Midnight Over The Aleutian Islands II

Inspired by the incredible colors and light above this chain of volcanic made islands.

Oil on canvas board 18x24"




Map Of The Artic

Inspired by Nasa Scientists who flew over the Arctic circle, pinpointing strange shapes out the window, but have unable to identify them.

Oil on canvas board 18x24"



100 Layers Of History

Inspired by layers of paint of architectual salvage

Oil on stretched canvas 48x36x1-1/2"                              



Spring To Fall

Inspired by the change of seasons in the New England region

Oil on canvas board 18x24"


Sailing Along Laguna Beach

Inspired by and early morning sailing trip along the coastline of Laguna Beach, Ca.

Oil 24x18" Framed


Morning Light

Inspired by defused early morning light, through the clouds over Palm Springs

Oil 48x36"


The ins and outs of the Salton sea

Inspired by the beauty of this body of desert water, during the begining of it's restoration.  Oil 16x12"


Ancient Beauty

Inspired by the Palancar coral reefs in southwest Cozumel, Mexico.

Oil 48x36"


Coyote Buttes

Inspired by the coyote buttes at horseshoe bend in Arizona close to Utah.

acrylic and oil on stretched canvas. A triptych of 24x30" each


Sizzling Summers

Inspired by the intense heat of our beautiful summers in Palm Springs. Oil 48x36"


Blue Planet "Oceans"

Inspired by the Planet Earth series Blue Planet II "Coral beds" in the tropics.

Oil 48x60"


Making My ways Around The Islands

Inspired by the fun of island hopping, in the Caribbean

acrylic and oil on 3@6x6x1-1/2" canvases


At Whitewater

Inspired by a summer morning glow over whitewater preseve in Palm Springs

oil on triptech (three 24x30"  stretched canvases.


Seven Surfers

Inspired by the "Brooks St. Surfing Classic" competition at Laguna Beach. Ca. Surfers and boards all mangled for the top spot.  Oil 24x18"


A Swirl Of Emotions

Inspired by my process of creating. Light streaming into my studio, brush strokes creating awesome opportunities. Then an emotional cloud appeared and the painting was forgotten until it was right.

Oil 48x60x 1-1/2"          16P-182


Inspired by "Purple" The color of mystery, independence, magic and excess.

Oil on stretched canvas 48x60"


Summer In Yucca Valley

Inspire by the beauty of these desert vistas during the summer in this region.  Oil 24x18" framed


Ocean Deep

Inspired by the documentary Planet Earth series  "Oceans Deep" episode

Oil 24x18"


East Blue

  Inspire by "The Grand Line". which is a dangerous and chaotic ocean current that is surrounded by "Calm Belts" (non existent ocean current) that moves across the middle of the globe.

Oil 24x18"