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Paul Colacicco

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Planet Earth

Inspired by the various underwater rock formations of Bimini Road, Bahamas

Oil on canvas 48x36x2.1/2"



Submerged Forms

Inspired by submerged rusty old car parts below the river of Detroit Mich.

Oil on stretched canvas



Calming Mount Etna

Inspired by the end of a volcanic eruption on Mount Etna.

Oil on canvas board 18x24" framed                      



Leaving Spring

Inspired by the change in seasons around the islands of Hawaii

Oil on canvas 48x48x1-1/2"




Inspinred by the magical collection of islands in the Caribbean

Oil on three canvas 10x10x1-1/2"



The Beauty In Seattle Washington

Inspired by the cities waterways and bridges.

Oil on stretched canvas 48x60x1-1/2"



Underwater in Tulum, Mexico

Inspired by the  underwater caverns of Tulum Mexico

Oil on canvas board 18x24"



Whale Watching At Dana Point

Inpsired by the beauty of the Blue Whales off the coast of Dana Point, California

Oil on stretched canvas 48x60"



Kilauea Lava Flow At The Beach

Inspired by the visual of Kilauea's lava flow into Kapoho Bay, Hawaii.

Oil on canvas board. 18x24"



Vintage Chinese

Inspired by childhood memories of "Red Pagoda" Chinese restaurant. Wood booths were painted with red lacquer. With Orange and blue silk upholstery. The restaurant was accented with orange and gold. Classic look.

Two 48x36" (48x72") canvases. Oil

They were designed to be hung in corners or side by side



Paul Colacicco

The Movement Of Light

Inspired by a 3:00 am flight over Faro islands, Portugal

Oil on canvas board 18x24"




The Glorious 60's

Inspired by a in disrepair 1960's pink kitchen in Nebraska.

Oil  on canvas board 18x24"



Midnight Over The Aleutian Islands II

Inspired by the incredible colors and light above this chain of volcanic made islands.

Oil on canvas board 18x24"




Map Of The Artic

Inspired by Nasa Scientists who flew over the Arctic circle, pinpointing strange shapes out the window, but have unable to identify them.

Oil on canvas board 18x24"




Inspired by the desert scapes of Whitewater preserve Palm Springs Ca. Throughout July and August.

Oil 48x60"



100 Layers Of History

Inspired by layers of paint of architectual salvage

Oil on stretched canvas 48x36x1-1/2"                              



Calle De Maria

Inspired by the sunny days of Palm Springs in my garden of purple flowers.

Oil 48x36"

Escape To Pangea

Inspired by urban graffiti artists who travel to the annual Pangea Festival to create

Oil 48x36"            $1,150