Paul D Cola Fine Art

Less Is More

Architectural series: Inspired by my journey to simplify through my art.

Acrylic on stretched canvas 48x48"



Sound To Color

Inspired by Chromesthesia or sound-to-color type of synesthesia where sounds of the piano or musical instruments in general automatically and involuntarily evoke an experience of color. Jon Mitchell had this condition.

Acrylic on stretched canvas 60x48"


Study of Shape

  60x48 acrylic


Open Fields Of Color

Inspired by the explorational impact between fields of colors.

48x48" acrylic on stretched canvas.


My cold abstracts, inspired from the Bauhaus style, are created on instinct. I never plan how the piece is laid out. I feel that greatly diminshes the over all effect of balance, form, line, and color. Most admired artist of that periord are Joost Schmidt and Hubert Bayer.

Color is most important. I strive to produce colors that are not generally main stream and never use color right out of the jar.  Spending a great deal of time mixing colors is key to producing combinations that are right.

My cold abstracts take a temendous amount of labor, several weeks to complete.

Wind At The Races

Inspired by a freak wind storm over Daytona speedway. A balloonist was trying to control it and umbrellas were flying everywhere.

48x48" acrylic on stretched canvas