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Paul Colacicco

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Paul Colacicco Art

Haze Above The Plains.

Inspired by the swirl of wind during the red dust storms of India.

Oil 48x36"


Leaving Spring

Inspired by summer to winter seasonal changes, at harbor docks and waterways in Seattle Washington.

Oil 48x48


Excepting custom commission work for sizes up to 60x42"

Amur Adonis

Inspired by blue skies and fields of wild yellow Japanese flower, named “Amur Adonis” that grows out of the snow, in parts of Asia.     Oil 60x42"


Break Water

Inspired by the Santa Cruz Ca Harbor breaking Jetty water.

Oil 24x18"


Summer Rise

Inspired by an early morning summers sunrise , in the broad deserts of Joshua Tree, Ca.

Oil 24x18"


Summer Solstice

Inspired from the celebration of solstice and the reflection of moments of ones life on the longest day of the year.

Oil 24x18"


Desert Rabbit

Inspired by desert Cottontail Rabbits, who roam our Southern deserts, feeding on Goldenrod.

Oil 24x18'


SOLD Beautiful Light

Inspired by the deserts many color palettes, that are created by the movement of light.

Oil 24x18"


The rush of White Water

Inspired by the desert color palette at White Water preserve in Palm Springs.

Oil 60x42"


Bright Dunes

Inspired by the vivid grasslands of Namibia, Africa.

Oil 60x42


Brush Stroke of a Painter

Inspired by the morning light, during a plein air painting session in the desert.

Oil 48x36


Waters Of History

Inspired by a sweeping breeze over Neptune pool at Hearst Castle, that created a mesmerizing visual.

Oil 48x48"


Fields of Flavor

Inspired by the coffee plantation fields of Poas volcano in Costs Rica. Oil 24x18"


SOLD Norway Lofoten River at Night

Inspired by the moons reflection of colors and textures over Norways Lofoten rivers at night.  Oil 60x42


High Islands

Inspired by the naturally made islands that were created by volcanic eruptions on the ocean floor.

Oil 24x18"


SOLD A Wash In Summer!!

Inspired by the amazing light, during the summers in Palm Springs.

Oil 30x24"


Josuha Tree, Light Waves Through The Canyon

Inspired by the light values of color, throughout the magnificent, Joshua Tree National Park.

Oil 24x18"