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Paul Colacicco

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Ocean Deep

Inspired by the documentary Planet Earth series  "Oceans Deep" episode

Oil 60x48"

16P-242                                                            $1,600

Rebirthing of Spring

Inspired of plant life that emerges from the snow at the begining of Spring.

Oil. triptech (3)24x20" (60x24") stretched canvasas



Celebrating Splash House

Inspired from Palm Springs annual event 'Splash House'

  oil 42x60 on stretched canvas,    $1,500               

Got Out Of my head

Inspired by the process of getting out of my head by letting the emotions fly.

Acrylic 36x36"

16P-122                                               $1,200

Great Barrier Reefs

Inspired by the incredible aerial visual of the Great Barrier Reefs.

Oil 24x18"                               $495.00


Bird Song

Inspired by telling the story by dance and song of the beginning creation of the Cahuilla Indians.

Oil 24x18"                       $495.00

Jetty Water

Inspired by waves breaking over concrete pier jacks in Santa cruz Ca.

Oil 24x18"                          $495.00


Beauty In The Whirl

Inspired by a freak windstorm, whirling flower petals and debris, over my pool.

Oil 24x18"    

16P-234                          $495.00

After the parade

Inspired by the deflating of a massive lot of hot air baloons in Albuquerque New Mexico.

Acrylic 60x42"                              $1,500


Behind the altar

Inspired by a stunning stained glass window, located in the First Christ Church of Kansas.

Acrylic 60x42"

16P-235                                       $1,500

Relief from the sizzle

Inspired by the relief, when we get to enjoy our pools and green spaces, during our summers.

Oil 24x18"

16P-233                               $495.00

The performance of Joshua tree

Inspired by the rebirth and constant enviromental changes in Joshua Tree, Ca Preformed at the begining of every summer.

Oil 24x18"

16P-232                            $495.00

Paul Colacicco Art

Tribal women weaving a basket

Inspired by the incredible colors used by Indian tribal weavers. Making many pigment from natual sources, like insects.

Acrylic 30x24"

16P-237                                        $650.00

Grandma's Jewelry Box

Inspired by her jumbled collection of designer cosutme jewelry. Trifari,  Schiaparelli and Weiss.

oil 24x18"     

16P-238                      $495.00

Beneath The Ocean Deep

Inspired by the Monterey Bay Ca. tidal pools.

Oil 24x18"

  16P-201                             $495.00

Visually Quite

Inspired by the quite life and movement of marine life, to include the incredible coral reefs in the Tropics of Capricorn in the Pacific Ocean.

Oil 48x36"                                           $1,250

Gas Tornadoes

Inspired by flowing gases, that interact with surrounding rotating liquid, that create “Gas Tornadoes” above or underneath the ocean.

Oil 48x36"

16P-246                                          $1,250

Cruising With The Whales

Inspired by watching the Blue whale migration off the coast of Southern California.

Oil 48x36"                                                         $1,250