Paul D Cola Fine Art

Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.

                       Claude Monet

Whale Migration

Inspired by whale migrations, around the coral reefs of Southern California

0il 30x24"


SOLD! Peacocks do fly

Inspire by the stunning visual of this bird taking a vertical flight, at the Living Desert in Palm Desert Ca.



The Birds

Inspired from the Alfred Hitchcock movie. "The Birds"

Acrylic 30x24"


My work below, is being represented by Fos. Contact them directly.

  1345 N. Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs.


SOLD! Map Of The Artic

Inspired by Nasa Scientists who flew over the Arctic circle, pinpointing strange shapes out the window, but have unable to identify them.  

Oil on canvas board 24x18"  


SOLD! In Sedona  

Inspired by the red-rock buttes that cast yellow and pink during sunset and sunrises

Oil 24x18"


Summer Around Town

Inspired by the beauty of Joshua tree and Pioneertown, Ca.

Oil 48x60"  


SOLD! Lavender Fileds of Maui  

Inspired by its title.

Oil 24x18"


SOLD! Waterfall at Cahuilla  

Inspired by the 60 foot Tahquitz Canyon waterfall ,on the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians Reservation.

Oil 48x36"


SOLD! Internal life Of A Sunflower

Inspired by the developing stages of the Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower)

Oil 48x36"


SOLD! Gliding With The Whale

Inspired by a flock of seagulls, sailing along with a blue whale

on the coast of California

Oil 30x24"


SOLD! The Performance of Joshua Tree  

Inspired by the ever-changing color palette of this high desert region.

Acrylic and oil 24x18"


SOLD! Summer Bougainvilla

Inspired by the profusion of color, of this plant,  uring the summer. Acrylic and

oil 24x18"


Bird Song

Inspired by telling the story by dance and song of the begining creation of the Cahuilla Indians.

Oil 24x18"


Night Line at Laguna Beach

Inspired by line, shape, inlets and reef shadows, during a night kayak row, off the coast of Laguna Beach Ca.  Acrylic and

oil 48x36"


Desert Open Roads

Inspired by the desert open roads and trails around the Coachella valley

oil 48x36"


Spa Day around Laguna Beach

Inspired by a early morning "me" day. Observing the blues and greens of this coastal city.

Oil 48x36"


Sunrise Delight

Inspired by the beautiful mornings in the desert.

oil 24x18"