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Paul D Cola Fine Art

Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.

                       Claude Monet

The Beauty of Seattle Washington

Inspired by the cities water and bridges.

Oil on canvas 48x48x1-1/2"



Underwater in Tulum, Mexico

Inspired by the  underwater caverns of Tulum Mexico

Oil on canvas board 18x24"



Paddy Fields

Inspired by ancient aquatic rice paddy cultivation by the Hill tribes of Thailand.

Oil on stretched canvas 48x36"


Indian Summer

Inspired by the intense color of that period.

Oil 18x24"


Ocean Deep

Inspired by the documentry "Planet Earth II" Episode Oceans Deep.

Oil 48x60"         


Haze Above The Plains

Inspired by lavander pink haze at sunset over Serengeti park plains, Africa.  Oil 48x36"


Kilauea Lava At The Beach

Inspired by the visual of Kilauea's lava flow into Kapoho Bay, Hawaii.  Oil 48x36"