Paul D Cola Fine Art

Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.

                       Claude Monet

SOLD! Sunrise over Sedona 2

Inspired by the incredible summer sunrises throughout the desert region of Sedona Arizona.

Oil 30x24"


The Birds

Inspired from the Alfred Hitchcock movie. "The Birds"

Acrylic 30x24"


My work below, is being represented by Fos. Contact them directly.

  1345 N. Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs.


SOLD! Visually Quite

Inspired by the quite life and movement of marine life, to include the incredible coral reefs in the Tropics of Capricorn in the Pacific Ocean.

Oil 48x36"


Crystal Blue

Inspired the fantastic blue waters of crater lake in Oregon.

Oil 24x18"


Whale Migration

Inspired by whale migrations, around the coral reefs of southern California.

oil 30x24"


SOLD! A splash of tequila Sunrise

Inspired by a mixologist at El Jefe bar, who made a big splash, tossing ice cubes, mid-air into a tequila sunrise.

Oil 24x18


Norway Lofoten River at Night

Inspired by the moons reflection of colors and textures over Norways Lofoten rivers at night.  Oil 60x42



Inspired by the color palettes of bathing suits at the very popular Palm Springs event "Splash House"

Oil 48x36"


Beautiful Light

Inspired by desert color palettes’s, created by the movement of light.

Oil 24x18"


Smoke Tree Stables

Inspired by observing a silly women trying to ride a horse, while seated backwards. The horse was not happy.

Oil 60x42"  16P-292

Gas Tornadoes

Inspired by flowing gases, that interact with surrounding rotating liquid, that create “Gas Tornadoes” above or underneath the ocean.  Oil 48x36


Fox and a Duck

Inspired by the playful but unusual relationship between a Kit fox and Canadian goose in the desert.

Oil 30x24"


Back Wash

Inspired by wave back washes, after day storms in Fuji.

Oil 24x18"



Inspired by Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary, Great Lakes. Looking down at the John L Schooner

Oil 24x18"