Paul D Cola Fine Art

Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.

                       Claude Monet

My work below, is being represented by Fos. Contact them directly.

  1345 N. Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs.


SOLD! Crystal Blue

SOLD! A splash of tequila Sunrise

SOLD!    Springtime In Montana

SOLD! Gas Tornadoes

SOLD! Remote at Peace

SOLD! The Grace Of A Whale

SOLD! Amur Adonis

SOLD!      Night Time Over The Aleutian Islands

High Islands

Inspired by the naturally made islands that were created by volcanic eruptions on the ocean floor.

Oil 24x18"


SOLD! Super Blooms

SOLD! Ocean Life at Play

SOLD! Blue Wash


SOLD! Luminous Light

Flamingo Dance

Inspired by wind swept ribbons, captured by Flamingos during a fiesta in Mexico.

Oil 30x24"


Recently Sold

Bright Dunes

Inspired by the vivid grasslands of Namibia, Africa.

Oil 60x42"


Firelight Brings Re-birth

Inspired by the rebirth of the land years after a fire.

Oil 48x36"


The Greening Of Icaland

Inspired by the fact that Iceland is predominantly green.

Oil 48x36"


Fields Of Flavor

Inspired by the coffee plantation fields of Poas volcano in Costs Rica.

Oil 24x18"


Joshua Tree, Light Waves Through The Canyon

Inspired by the light values of color, throughout the magnificent, Joshua Tree National Park.

Oil 24x18"


Water Spout II

Behold, the waterspout, a tempest’s dance upon the sea, A swirling column, ethereal and free. With grace it descends from heavens above, a liquid cyclone, a masterpiece of love.

Oil 24x18"