Paul D Cola Fine Art

Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.

                       Claude Monet

Sunrise over Sedona 2 SOLD!

Inspired by the incredible summer sunrises throughout the desert region of Sedona Arizona.

Oil 30x24"


  SOLD  The Birds

Inspired from the Alfred Hitchcock movie. "The Birds"

Acrylic 30x24"


My work below, is being represented by Fos. Contact them directly.

  1345 N. Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs.


Crystal Blue SOLD!

Inspired the fantastic blue waters of crater lake in Oregon.

Oil 24x18"


Whale Migration

Inspired by whale migrations, around the coral reefs of southern California.

Oil 30x24"


A splash of tequila Sunrise SOLD!

Inspired by a mixologist at El Jefe bar, who made a big splash, tossing ice cubes, mid-air into a tequila sunrise.

Oil 24x18


Springtime In Montana

Inspired by the beauty of young grasslands and bluebell flowers of Montana during the spring.

Oil 24x18"


Gas Tornadoes SOLD!

Inspired by flowing gases, that interact with surrounding rotating liquid, that create “Gas Tornadoes” above or underneath the ocean.  Oil 48x36


Carmel Sundae at The Beach

Inspired by the expression of pure joy and bliss, of a little girl eating a sundae at the beach.

Oil 30x24"


SOLD! Remote at Peace

Inspired by the remote islands of Tristan da Cunha. The worlds most isolated settlement of Edinburgh of the seven seas.

Oil 48x36"



Inspired by the stunning lavender fields in Le Chateau du Bois. Oil 24x18"


Love Shadows

Inspired by two North African Camels, enjoying a romantic time within the shadows of the trees.  Acrylic 48x36"


Scattered Islands

Inspired by chain islands, that are scattered throughout the Pacific Ocean, to include Polynesia.   Oil 48x36"


Leaving Spring

Inspired by summer to winter seasonal changes, at harbor docks and waterways in Seattle Washington.

Oil 48x48


Taking Care Of Her Babies

Inspired by the light values of color, throughout the magnificent, Joshua Tree National Park.

Oil, 30x24"