As a local Palm Springs artist, I describe my work as "Vintage Abstract". Where inspiration, technique, paint, a few brushes and palette knives are all that are needed. My work is guided by freedom of emotional expression.  While respecting color, composition, line, light and form, my process evolves after a period of intense thought. Then what I call “Into Crazy Land”, where emotions are released and set free to completion. My greatest inspiration came from my Aunt Norma, an awesome painter. Other admired artists are Stefan Fiedorowicz, Lars Kristian Hansen and Bjornulf Dyrud.

I was educated at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with continuing classes at the Desert Art Center and Desert Art Classes.  Many of my pieces are in private and corporate collections nationally and internationally.  After working freelance as an artist handpainting on fondant cakes for hundreds of clients, the decision was made to pursue a fulltime career as a mix medium artist.




Growth After The Drought     2017

Inspired by the explosive growing season after the 5 year California drought.

Oil on stretched  canvas 36x36x1-1/2" 16P-042


100 Years Of Paint   2017

Inspired by a the refinishing of an antique farm table.

Oil on stretched canvas 48x48x1-1/2" 16P-075


Rain On The Window 2  2017

Inspired by the distorted visual of rain running down an antique stain glass window.

Oil on stretched canvas 48x60x1-1/2" 16P-076


Fire and Water 2017

Inspired by the collision between lava flow and the blue waters of Hawaii.

Oil on stretched canvas 36x36x1-1/2" 16P-065



Making my way around the Islands  2017

Inspired by the fun of island hopping, in the Caribbean.

Oil on stretched canvas 3-8x8x1-1/2" canvases 16P-077


Leaving Spring   2017

Inspired by the change of seasons in Joshua Tree, California

Oil on stretched canvas 48x48x1-1/2" 16P-074


Pajaro Dunes 2017

Inspired by the beauty of this coastal area in Watsonville Ca.

Oil on stretched canvas 48x60x1-1/2" 16P-072


Paul D'Cola Fine Art

Art always causes a reaction. Its that reaction, that opens the mind.

                    Paul Colacicco

Blooming Whitewater   2017

Inspired the flora and movement of water at the Whitewater preserve.

Oil on canvas board 18x24" 16P-080


The Deserts of Joshua Tree  2017

Inspired by the stunning deserts of Joshua tree National Park.

Oil on canvas board 18x24"  16P-079




Midnight Over The Aleutian Islands 2017

Inspired by the incredible colors and light from above this chain of volcanic made islands.

Oil on stretched canvas 48x60x1-1/2" 16P-081


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Visiting Palm Springs?  Check out  my work "Jiuxiang Caverns 2" at Palm Springs Art Museum, through Dec.10th.

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